It’s time to pack up. What? So soon? We’re moving- moving forward. And by we, I mean me. Well, ok not really me. Lost Upon A Time has moved. This little blog has claimed a site of her own.Please do come along- it just wouldn’t be right without you! Onward and upward, Friends! ~m Advertisements

Hey Friends, Katie Z of WORDS BY ME | KATIE Z. kindly nominated yours truly for the Liebster Award. It’s a pretty snazzy way of encouraging and spotlighting newer blogs. I find Katie’s sass, honesty and wit quite refreshing. I think you will too. Take a minute and see what she’s got to say, will […]

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***Please note that this is not a post I have written, but rather an article on a Crohn’s Facebook page I follow.  I thought it was a great read and wanted to share, but for some reason the link was bad.  –Michelle A LETTER TO PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC DISEASE…

Three free charting options for tracking your symptoms and potential triggers. A lifesaver for anyone with chronic illness.

Nostalgia, by Lost Upon A Time

“So”, he said. “You miss Arizona yet?” The question was obviously meant for me. But at the same time I answered “Nope”, he chimed in with “Yes!” We were hanging out with his parents, sitting at the kitchen table and talking about the weather. It’s been an awfully cold winter. Bitter cold. Local readers of […]

I was smitten ages ago. Even as a kid. Cable channels like Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics were my thing. Everyone else at school was into MTV. I had no use for Madonna. Judy Garland, however, was another story. Love the shoulders! By my early 20’s, I had discovered Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday […]

Did you see this? When that face popped up in my pinterest feed, I stopped breathing. What, pray tell, is this? Could it be true? Be still my beating heart! It’s for real, Friends. A building challenge, all about scrap wood. (This month, anyway.) Needless to say, I’m pretty geeked. Ana White is nothing short of inspiring. […]