But Now Am Found

“What’s one word you could use to describe yourself? We’ll each take a turn sharing- but the word you choose has to begin with the same letter as your name.”

I looked around the circle of gals, and how many had to answer before I did. I hate ice breakers. I hate it when groups use ice breakers.

Shoot. What do I say? Musical. No, too….easy. Mad? Well, yes, but…

“Meandering. Meandering Mickelle.” Perfect!

I’m a wanderer. I don’t really want to be. I’d love to be like a shooting star with a bright, clear path. People always consider themselves fortunate to see one before it’s gone. Its entire scene is beautiful. Instead, I’m a firefly. People think they see a flash of light, but by the time they look- nope. Wait! Now I’m over here! Aaaaand now I’m not.

I have a love for odd bits. Pieces of whatnot with an unknown story. Objects that somehow wander onto my way. I have jars of old buttons, collected by nameless seamstresses. Small thrifted bottles, holding chunks of broken glass I scooped up on a junk yard excursion. They are beautiful. Broken. Old fabrics, odd wood scraps, rusted hinges. I look at them and wonder about their stories. I think about their potential as something new- a pendant, a table leg, a mosaic.

“Lost Upon A Time” seemed like the right name when I needed one for my Etsy shop. The plan was to start unloading my stash of vintage sewing patterns, while getting the hang of e-commerce. Then I’d phase in my own work. You know, pendants made with that broken glass, buttons and hinges; tables made from those spindles I found, with mosaic tops. Inspired by the lines of an old hymn, I looked for around a bit before settling on the name. “Once Was Lost” was taken. Other variations were as well. Or they were just corny. Lost Upon A Time has a little hymn flavor with a dash of fairy tale. And it’s all about the things I love.

Alas, life is painfully unpredictable and I am still twinkling about in the dark. Meandering. Hoping for another shot at shining bright. Still, I’m captivated by my broken glass, and motley treasures the same way some people are by fireflies at night.

I’d say the name fits pretty well here, too. Lost upon a time- that’s me. That’s my story.

Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now am found

Was blind but now I see




  1. Hi, I’m Reposeful Rachel, nice to meet you! Lost Upon a Time is a great title. It conjures up all sorts of mysterious thoughts. Your creations made from ‘bits and bobs’ sound wonderful. Will you be putting some photos of your pendants etc on the blog?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for your kind words. Yep- I do hope to post about my work, both the blood and the glory. 🙂


  2. Patient Patricia – looks like we all will need patience to go through the 101 🙂


  3. Lovely site and you have a beautiful way with words. And LOVE your theme (I use the same one). I am one of the found ones, too. Many blessings to you.

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    1. Thank you. And likewise~ your words resonate with me. I love what you’ve done with the theme! I’m happy to be following you.

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  4. […] that building challenge? I’ve got the perfect project all worked out in my head. Those broken glass pendants? On the list. My scrap yarn project? That one […]


  5. Depending on the day? Grateful Gabrielle. Grimy. Groany. Grinning. The lord giveth, some days.

    I too hate those icebreakers. They’re the worst. But having led a few groups myself, sometimes an icebreaker is all you got when you have 20 people staring at you, waiting for something clever to come out of your mouth. Pretty sure that’s why icebreakers were invented, by a group leader who was out of clever.

    Wonderful post, thank you for sharing this story!

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