Yarn + Fur = Therapy

I’m finally gaining some strength back in my arms and hands. It’s been a few weeks since I could do much more than type. It’s been the craziest thing! I’ve never experienced anything like it before. So, naturally, I’m putting my digits to work. Well, a little at a time that is.

Lost Upon A Time: My Project Today

What I’m working on today.

Just a simple project. I’m counting on it to eat down a good portion of my stash. I pulled out all the blues, purples and magentas, as well as their close relatives. Included are my hand spun and hand dyed, second-hand finds and plain ol’ store bought. I’m really loving the color combination and the variety of yarns and fibers.

Lost upon A Time: Stash

Some of my stash.

Of course, there was a happy dog’s head snuggled close by, complete with lightly wagging tail. Handwork like this is always best accompanied by canine friends. (The felines, while always welcome, make a mess of yarn balls.) Had I been thinking, I’d have taken a photo of him. He’s a very handsome snuggler.

Lost Upon A Time: Project

Another shot, just because it’s yummy.

I hope to have something finished to show you eventually. Until then, have a warm and peaceful weekend.



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  1. […] got the perfect project all worked out in my head. Those broken glass pendants? On the list. My scrap yarn project? That one […]


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