A Love Affair To Remember

I was smitten ages ago. Even as a kid. Cable channels like Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics were my thing. Everyone else at school was into MTV. I had no use for Madonna. Judy Garland, however, was another story.

Love the shoulders!

By my early 20’s, I had discovered Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn. Ahhh, love. Those were the days of style and class. At least the movies and music give that impression.

So while browsing through a vintage shop somewhere in Eugene, Oregon, I happened upon a rack of old vintage sewing patterns.

This one always takes my breath away…

Eureka! I could make my own throwback frocks! I picked out 5 and was on my way. Over time, I also picked up dresses, gloves, shoes, hats, coats, you name it. And I wore them.

I dig those deep pockets!

But I never sewed a stitch. I kept collecting and hoarding patterns. I LOVE these ol’ vintage patterns. I just never use them. Shame isn’t it?

Calling Donna Reed…

So, it was time. It’s not really a break-up; I still love each and every one. It’s just time for a change in our relationship. They need to move on.

Since opening up my shop on Etsy, I’m searching out these treasures again. And I get a thrill every time I come across another great find. It feels more like a rescue mission to me, now. “I wonder what you’ll become…”, I think to myself.

I get geeked out knowing these sewing patterns may once again breathe life into a few more yards of fabric. I LOVE seeing what vintage fashions folks are making and selling on Etsy.

It’s a win-win.

Have you changed your relationship with goods you treasure? Why? How’d it go for you?



One comment

  1. I love sewing and I would LOVE these patterns. I’ll have to look out for some. I think my love affair is jackets – I have too many and I never wear a lot of them because I get worried that I’ll ruin them!

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