Let’s Get Acquainted


Summertime at the Lake. Pretty sweet, eh?

I come by it honestly. Strong coffee and DIY. Born into a long line of resourceful do-ers, I’ve got at least 5 projects
going at any one time. This girl thrives on seeing rejects made new. That’s pretty much my story- once utterly lost, but now found and remade.


My Sidekick. Well, one of several… Okay, too many.

Making is my favorite way of connecting with my Creator. It’s like breathing for me: automatic, necessary and sometimes it stinks. Hey, keepin’ it real.

My hubs is an incredibly patient man who’s a softie for critters. Combined with my insatiable love for houseplants, our home has a bit of zoo flavor. Sans snakes.

You can find my vintage sewing patterns in my shop, here:


Lost Upon A Time- MickelleYou can get a better feel for where I’m coming from in these posts here:


I do hope you’ll follow along.(I reserve the right to belt out old jazz tunes at any given moment.) C’mon, it’ll be fun!


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